The creative team of the 2020s is here for you.

We’re an independent company that’s skilled at design, marketing and strategy, with a team that’s worked together virtually for decades.

Each one of us knows the others’ strengths and how a project flows from time zone to time zone. We’re focused on using our talents to further your goals.

We know how identity and branding can contribute to your business performance, with our own academically researched and published methodology.

We’ve tracked for over a decade how the era of Big Social is passing. Search engines are faltering.

All of this presents an opportunity for you, and we can help you navigate it. We can help you engage your own team or seek new business with a renewed purpose.

We bring together disciplines in graphic design, corporate identity, brand strategy, integrated marketing communications, film, publishing, intellectual property law, social responsibility, and digital marketing. We’re researching AR and VR solutions and how to make you famous in “new new media”. We have an eye to the future, understanding likely trends and wider movements. And we understand global cultures and political implications.

We’ve been ahead of the curve for most of our history. Check out how we can help you.

Identity and branding

We know what it takes to connect a brand to business performance—we are one of the few firms with our own research on how to do this for you.

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Marketing and branding do not happen in a vacuum. We understand how to manœuvre in politically charged environments—while making progress for your business. You need real, workable actions—and we deliver.

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Everything from graphics to typefaces, from layouts and letterheads to signage—design is at the core of what we do, and has been for over 30 years.

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This isn’t an add-on: we’ve been digital from the outset in the 1980s. Let us use our very extensive and leading knowledge of this world for you.

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