Mastering the digital world.

We were there at the dawn of the web, seeing how the medium would adapt—while keeping it all in perspective. Human behaviour does change with each new medium, but the idea of conspicuous consumption has been in the literature since Veblen in 1899.

From the start we developed websites and web campaigns, successfully bringing in ideas from established media. And as digital evolved, we developed a proprietary model on how brands worked.

We predicted both the rise and fall of influencers and Big Social, we predicted their bot activity, and we’ve tracked how search engines falter—refining strategies that take these very real trends into account. We’ve also tracked where different tribes go as new social media emerge.

Digital media continue to excite us in the 2020s as AR and VR become more mainstream, along with environments that blend physical and digital.

Laural Barrett, website development and hosting
Brand New Justice website
Tamsin Cooper, social media strategy
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