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Jack Yan at Medinge's spring 2015 event in London

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We’re an international network of people working across time zones. COVID-19 won’t prevent us doing a great job, because we’ve been virtual since we started in 1987. The team below has worked together since the early 2000s, coming together depending on the project. We know our respective strengths, and we’ll assign the right person for your job and location. We also call on additional team members at our locations to support you.


Jack Yan (Wellington, New Zealand)
Andrew J. Cross/Zuzumi (London, England)
Demian Rosenblatt/Demian Designed (San Francisco, California)
Stefan Engeseth/Detective Marketing (Stockholm, Sweden)
Amanda van Kuppevelt/Commonsensical (Christchurch, New Zealand)
William Shepherd/Multicultural Brand Consultancy (Los Angeles, California)

Jack Yan & Associates
71 Oriel Avenue
Wellington 5028
New Zealand

Postal address
PO Box 14-368
Wellington 6241
New Zealand

Telephone +64 4 387-3213
Email consulting@jyanet.com



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