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A perfect fit

In 2003, Munro & Co. commissioned us to create its new brand. We headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas and met with the family, attended their sales’ conference, and began understanding their market and where they wanted to take the company. We analysed their culture, distributors, retailers, and their long-term plans.

Visually, we began with the existing Munro American brand, and the strapline ‘Proper size—perfect fit’, and set out to create a new brand strategy for the firm.

The result was a more cohesive identity programme and brand strategy, including a timeless new look (so much so that it remains Munro’s brand today).

The core team was Andrew J. Cross, Demian Rosenblatt, and Jack Yan.

Munro Shoes' old logo
Old logotype
Munro Shoes' new logo as envisaged by Demian Rosenblatt
New logotype
Munro bag as envisaged by Demian Rosenblatt
Munro Shoes as photographed from top
Munro Shoes image in 2023 with boxes
Munro Shoes website in 2023