Simply effective

Nicole McKinnon has been on the leading edge of the beauty industry for many years as a practitioner, then underwent training to learn more about formulating her own skin care range.

Her aim was to do everything naturally. With her decades of practical experience, she wanted her range to be incredibly effective, more so than anything on the mass market. She looked at retailing it but it would primarily be a range that she could use on her own clients.

We gave the range its name: Kokulu. There was a nice scent to it, and the word itself is a Turkish translation of fragrant. But it also had to roll off the tongue, have a friendly, warm image to match Nicole’s own, and look visually calm. The dots remained from one of our earliest drafts.

Subsequently, we helped Nicole with trade mark registration and trade brochures.

Kokulu logo
Kokulu brochure
Kokulu brochure
Kokulu on the shelf