Jota Cardona


Jota Cardona was at one point a notorious drug dealer, who found salvation in prison and now actively campaigns against drugs. His story fascinated filmmaker Thomas Salme, who himself has had an interesting life and was the subject of books and articles. He wanted to answer, ‘How did Jota lead this double life?’

Thomas came to us for typographic advice for his film, Rescued from Hell: the Story of Jota Cardona. We created these graphics as well as the name and logo for his film company, Verito Films, consisting of a V turned sideways to become a greater-than sign and an eye, and signifying forward motion. Verito was derived from the Latin veritas, for truth.

The stark graphics took a page from Michael Mann, who favoured Futura for his Miami Vice TV show as well as other projects.

Verito Films
A Thomas Salme film
Jota Cardona: Rescued from Hell