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Branding and the law.

Our legal services.
We can save you time by ensuring, as part of our process, that your intellectual property won’t conflict with others in the same industry.
There are five parts to what is known as brand equity that form the outcome of any good brand strategy: brand loyalty, brand awareness, perceived quality, positive brand associations, and proprietary brand assets.
   While many branding consultants will do the first four, they might lack competence on the fifth.
   This is where JY&A Consulting comes in. We don’t need to go out-of-house for most trade mark and copyright issues.
   So, when we develop your brand, you know that we’ve kept an eye on the legalities, and made sure that what results doesn’t conflict.
   We are familiar with intellectual property law in many jurisdictions, and some of our team are called upon as experts in cases. As a result, we have our own network of legal experts who work to the same exacting standards. They won’t give you cookie-cutter solutions as so many firms do.
   We can take care of most trade mark and copyright registration issues as part of our work, so you won’t need the extra effort of hiring an extra firm.