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A multicultural world.

To give a sense of identity, you must not only understand your own, but understand that every person has their identity. Reaching them means respectful, inclusive communications. Jack Yan
Stefan Engeseth
Amanda Dolheguy
Andrew J. Cross/Catamaran Partnership William Shepherd
Some of our team members around the world. We are all different, and we all come from different walks of life.
JY&A Consulting team members are all over the world. We know that business is global: it’s how our team formed in the first place. We understand how we all need to work together and create bridges. Importantly, we understand the concepts behind multiculturalism, and how branding cannot afford to exclude groups of citizens.
   Much of this understanding began with personal concerns we all shared: how prejudice and stereotypes form. How insular thinking generates suspicions and generalizations. Why certain individuals have to trail-blaze. The effects of underexposure or misrepresentation of one race, gender, or creed.
   Many people don’t want to talk about these subjects but believe we all desire to do good. So, let’s find ways to overcome our boundaries.
   These are ideas that we work in to help brands, whether it’s about adapting a brand to a new market, or reaching more people within an existing one.
   Partnering with Multicultural Brand Consultancy and its head, William Shepherd, for specific North American projects, or using our team members worldwide, JY&A Consulting believes in solutions that end prejudice, build brands, and create societies that are more inclusive—for the betterment of all. We choose to build clients who, like us, believe in the fulfilment of potential in all human beings.