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Connected at the highest level.

If you need reassurance that JY&A Consulting is working at the highest level, our founder’s participation in the Medinge Group is one of the clearest signs.

The Medinge Group

The Medinge Group comes up from time to time in our conversations. It’s a Swedish-based think-tank founded in that country’s lake district, committed to the ideas of humanistic branding. Jack Yan is one of its directors (on rotation on the board) and long-standing members (from 2002).
   His association with the Group should give our clients confidence that the level of thinking that goes in to our brands is not about a mere slapping-on of a logo or cosmetic changes.
   As a requirement of the Group, members need to engage in cutting-edge brand thought, some of which appears in The Journal of the Medinge Group, in the leading academic journals for the marketing profession, or in highly regarded branding books.
   Other JY&A Consulting team members, as detailed on this site, are high-level brand thinkers, too, specialists who fulfil the traditional definition of professional: people who profess themselves to the discipline.
    Should we ever need even more brand thinkers at the top level, it’s easy for us to call on the brains at Medinge: an additional guarantee that a project will be done to the highest standards.