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How we do it.

  Nimble teams, finding your objective truth.
Since we’ve had longer running a virtual business than most companies, we know how to get the best from a small team. That means we can move quickly, identify the issues, and get your brand strategy on track.
We don’t believe you should pay for a bunch of consultants that you don’t need. Generally, we like working in a small, nimble team, getting the best experts to take on your project.
   Our specialists have the experience to dig deeply into your organization, finding the objective truth behind it, and creating a solution to match.
   On a typical branding project for a smaller, independent business, we’ll have one strategist, one researcher and one design specialist, as the core members. For a larger, global organization, we work with larger teams.
   Some of the team visit you on-site, while some remain at their offices. The beauty about having a quarter-century with a virtual structure is that we’re more proficient at working with a worldwide, round-the-clock team.
   We have our own people who can work on tasks overnight, so we work round the clock for you.
   Our branding strategies and branding manuals are designed for everyone to read: why create them if they’re lying in a drawer somewhere?
   We work with jargon-free language, because if the strategy has merit, then we have nothing to hide.
   If you’re after brand consultants who deliver gobbledegook, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
   But if you want branding strategies that work, from a professional firm that will maintain all confidences, then you’ve come to the right place.