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Backing it up.

It’s not just about coming up with clever ideas.
Everything we do at JY&A Consulting is backed up by a foundation of rigorous academic research, and when we have new theories, we’re happy to put them to the test in academic journals. Some of our team members are accomplished authors, too.

Not many firms can claim that their team members have studied the major academic works in branding since the end of World War II. Fewer still can claim to add to the academic discourse.

Selected books
Detective MarketingS. Engeseth: Detective Marketing. Stockholm: Stefan Engeseth Publishing 2001.

Jaffe and Nebenzahl 2006E. Jaffe and I. Nebenzahl: National Image and Competitive Advantage. København: Copenhagen Business School Press 2001. Second edition in 2006.

Beyond BrandingN. Ind (ed.): Beyond Branding. London: Kogan Page 2003. Jack Yan is a co-author on the topic of the ‘brand manifesto’ and how branding will shape itself in the coming 10 years. See www.beyond-branding.com. Second printing in 2004, then paperback in 2005.

J. Yan: View Point Series 1 of 4: User Seductive—Perspectives on 21st Century Branding. Wellington: Charlie Ward and Wai-te-Ata Press, Victoria University of Wellington 2004. A limited-edition coffee-table book nominated for a Best Design Award in 2004.


Typography and Branding, by Jack YanJ. Yan: Typography and Branding. Christ­church: Natcoll Publish­ing 2004. Detail­ing the connec­tions between typography and branding and where they will lead in the future.

One: a Consumer Revolution for Business, by Stefan EngesethS. Engeseth: One: a Consumer Revolution for Business. London: Cyan Communications and Singapore: Marshall Cavendish 2006. Second edition published by Marshall Cavendish in London in 2008.

The Fall of PR and the Rise of AdvertisingS. Engeseth: The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising. Stockholm: Stefan Engeseth Publishing 2009.

N. Kumar and A. Varma (eds.): Nation Branding: Concepts and Cases. New Delhi: ICFAI Press 2009. Jack Yan writes ‘Poised for Success: the Indian Brand Prepares Itself for the 21st Century’.

Selected academic journal articles
J. Yan: ‘Online branding: an antipodean experience’, Human Society and the Internet. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 2001.

J. Yan: ‘Corporate responsibility and the brands of tomorrow’, The Journal of Brand Management, vol. 10, nos. 4–5, 2003, pp. 290–302. Dealing with the future of corporate social responsibility.

J. Yan: ‘Branding and the international community’, The Journal of Brand Management, vol. 10, no. 6, 2003, pp. 447–57. The relevance of the international community and the shortcomings in the nation branding of the United States.

J. Yan: ‘Social media in branding: fulfilling a need’, The Journal of Brand Management, vol. 18, no. 9, 2011, pp. 688–96. For branding in social media, what ingredients are in the mix?

More by Jack Yan at The Journal of the Medinge Group. Some of his speech notes can be found at his personal site.

Our team members are often quoted in other works.